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Online Event Manual Terms

To log into the Online Event Manual, the Company will be required to agree to the terms set forth below.

The Online Event Manual forms an integral part of, and is governed by, the Organisers' Standard Terms and Conditions for Exhibition, Advertising, and Sponsorship (the “Standard Terms”). If there is a direct conflict or discrepancy between the Online Event Manual Terms and the Standard Terms, the Standard Terms shall prevail and the Company agrees that the Organisers' decision shall be final.

Unless otherwise defined in the Online Event Manual, capitalized terms shall have the same meaning as those set in the Standard Terms as accepted in the Sales Order Form.

The Organisers may update the Online Event Manual Terms from time to time. The Company commits to check the Online Event Manual on a regular basis to acknowledge and ensure compliance to all updates paying particular attention to changes to the health and safety regulations, deadlines and protocols addressing the evolving global health situation.

Health & Safety 

The Exhibitor will train and make Exhibitor stand staff and contractors aware of all potential hazards to be expected on site and will complete a Risk Assessment (the “Risk Assessment”) to make sure that all of Exhibitor’s exhibits, demonstrations and work practices will cause no significant risk to either themselves or to others on site.a The Risk Assessment shall be available on request. Any contractors appointed by Exhibitor will be competent and able to undertake their tasks safely. Please refer to the Stand Building Regulations sections in the Event Manual for further information.


It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to adhere by the Wi-Fi Policy as published in the Online Event Manual.

Key point to remember, is: Exhibitors will NOT permitted to deploy their own access points in their stands and MUST purchase a WiFi service from our official IT supplier if they require a wifi service for their stand.

Waste Removal

The Exhibitor or the company responsible for building and/or decorating the stand should leave the area completely clean and free of debris before the end of the period designated for build-up, and prior to the designated end time for dismantling. The following are the official conditions in relation to waste removal:

  • Exhibitors must ensure that all materials, debris and waste are removed from SNIEC before the end of the period designated for build up and the end of the dismantle period designated for dismantling.
  • Exhibitors must ensure that any proposal that is accepted from a stand design and build contractor includes waste removal and recycling in accordance with the Event Manual.
  • If any materials are found in Exhibitor's stand area after the dismantling period has come to an end a clean-up fee of RMB 3,000 per square meter of your total stand size will be charged directly to the Exhibitor - therefore if you have contracted a 12m2stand you will be liable for a RMB 36,000 fine (12 * RMB 3,000) regardless of the total amount of materials found.
  • General waste bins and skips will not be provided in the halls.
  • Dumping of materials (i.e. removing waste from stands and abandoning elsewhere in the site) at the MWC Shanghai is strictly forbidden and will carry severe penalties. Any contractor caught abandoning waste of any kind will be fined, on the spot, RMB 30,000 plus the cost of the removal of the abandoned material.

IMPORTANT: At the end of build up and at the end of dismantling before leaving the venue every Exhibitor/contractor must have their stand space inspected by a representative of SNIEC who will stamp on the Damage Deposit Receipt as proof that named stand space is clean and clear of any waste. SNIEC/SYMA will be contactable through their service desks which will be located in the north registration hall. Cleaning deposit will be refunded upon present the stamped Damage Deposit Receipt at the official contractor desk.


In the event that situations arise which are not specifically governed by a provision in these regulations, in the event manual or the Standard Terms and Conditions, the exhibitor agrees that the Organiser’s decision shall be final.