My Partner Programs

This information is applicable to Partner Programs, Power Hours & Tech Talk Sessions.


Partner Programs, Power Hour and Tech Talk sessions offer MWC attendees the opportunity to amplify their knowledge about the mobile industry. Partner Programs are full or half-day sessions developed and presented by you and some of the top organisations in the mobile ecosystem. Power Hour and Tech Talk sessions deliver targeted or specific messages in a short timeframe. Our partners determine the content and topics covered which can include new program initiatives, emerging market trends, and, or product development. These events are usually geared to the general mobile audience or an industry specific audience. This is your opportunity to take the stage and provide invaluable industry learning opportunities for our attendees. 

GSMA Support Team

All Partners are provided a designated Support Team who will assist with planning, execution, event options, marketing and registration details for your session. You will be contacted via email with next steps. 

For any queries in the meantime, please contact



Theater packages are in development now and will be available to signed partners in July 2023 and will include details on the following:

  • What is included in the Theater package
  • How to request any services not included in the package to customise your event
  • Storage
  • Hostesses
  • Floral
  • Deadlines for additional orders and cancellation fees

Furniture & Build Structures

  • Furniture included in your package
  • Special requests for additional structures (e.g., demo tables, exhibition booths, etc.) in the Theater
  • Theater access times pre-event, during event, and post event
  • Floorplans 

Walkthroughs/ Rehearsals

  • Operations lead will discuss difference between a Walkthrough and a Technical Rehearsal.
  • Additional fees and timing for technical rehearsals
  • Timeslots available for walkthrough and technical rehearsals

  • Ordering process
  • Please note: There are no catering services available for Power Hour or Tech Talk sessions

AV Package

  • What is included in the package
  • Process to order anything above standard package offering

Visuals/ Branding

  • Branding opportunities in the Theaters
  • Format for artwork, deadlines, how to provide files, making changes after artwork is submitted
  • Option to bring our own branding material


The Event Programme Manager will set up kick off calls with Partner Programme and Power Hour partners to go over the following:

  • GSMA marketing tactics
  • Social Media inclusion
  • Website Agenda
  • Sponsor & Partner inclusion on the website


Exhibitor & Partner Registration System (E&P)

Your contract includes passes for you to distribute to your staff, speakers, invited guests, or anyone indicating interest in attending your session via the Programme Application System (PAS). To distribute the passes, you will be set up with a Exhibitor & Partner Registration System (E&P) account. 

Your Event Programme Manager will facilitate getting your E&P Account set up. To do so you will need to select a Registration Coordinator from your organisation and provide the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
The Registration Coordinator can do the following:

  • Access User Guide and Video Tutorials 
  • Add additional coordinators – up to four 
  • Customise Invitations 
  • Distribute passes
  • Purchase additional passes or upgrades
  • Build the Attendance List for the session
  • Manage Programme Application System (PAS)

Programme Application System (PAS)

The Programme Application System (PAS) is available for Partner Program and Power Hour sessions only and is offered to generate interest in your programme and manage applications.  PAS is open to anyone, regardless if they have a pass to attend the event or just want to apply for a session. Anyone indicating interest will have to provide demographic information. Once they apply for programme(s) their information will be fed into the individual E&P account. You will not know how many sessions they apply to attend. Once their information appears in your account you can:

  • Approve or Decline attendees who apply to your programme
  • Provide unregistered applicants with a pass from your own allocation

Scanning – Partner Programs & Power Hour Sessions Only 

Scanning takes place at the entry to your Theater and event staff will use handheld scanners to scan an attendees’ Digital Badge. If the badge scans “green” it is their indication that attendee in on your attendance list and are permitted to enter your programme.  Anyone who scans “red” has not been added to your approved attendance list. You will need to have someone from your organisation at the hostess desk with the event staff to determine if you will permit them to enter. If you wish them to attend, the agent will use the scan override function to permit access and collect the attendee data for your reports.

Reports will be available in your E&P account approximately 2 hours after the conclusion of your programme and available to download for up to 2 weeks post event.

Please note: 

  • Partner Programs:
    • Access scanners are included your partner programme package
    • These scanners are part of our secure registration process. We do not allow third party scanners to be used for access control
  • Tech Talks:
    • The Organizer does not provide scanning for Tech Talks
    • If you would like to scan attendee badges you must secure a scanner through the Online Event Manual
    • You will be responsible for any cost and someone from your team to scan