5G INnovation Event Overview

3G and 4G mobile broadband technologies have brought transformational changes to the society and pushed the world fast into the digital economy. The innovative forms of products and services change the way the world works and interacts. In the wake of COVID-19, connectivity has become more important; “virtual”, “remote”, and “digital” are persistent headlines for business and the society, as the world, is starting to adapt to new norms. 

With 5G now a reality that is more accessible and available in more places, who will make the best out of the technology to reshape and redefine the society and economy as we know today?

5G INnovation is therefore designed to bring together mobile operators (enablers) and investors (facilitators) to explore the digital ecosystem to seek new disruptors, new business models, tenacious and brave new pioneers.

The programme is split into the following:

  • Forums & Summits to deep-dive into technology and innovation
  • Live exhibits in N5 to bring this technology to life

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