Stand Plan Submission

Exhibitors are permitted to construct stands up to the height of six (6) metres

All exhibitors building space only stands must submit stand plans for inspection to AbraxysGlobal by17 May 2024

Design drawings of booth construction for ALL stands may either be reviewed and stamped by a Chartered Structure Engineer of the People’s Republic of China appointed by stand fitters, or verified by a professional design company appointed by SNIEC. If exhibitors or stand fitters appoint a Chartered Structure Engineer to check the drawings, they shall submit the original drawings stamped by a Chartered Structure Engineer and copies of documents supporting the qualifications of such Chartered Structure Engineer to the professional design company appointed by SNIEC. The company appointed by SNIEC to check design drawings shall charge fees in accordance with verification standards. Please click here for the details of preparation procedure.

Fully detailed and scaled plans must be submitted via the Stand Plan Submission form, which must include:

  1. Detailed technical plans & 3D rendering at a scale of 1:50 detailing:
    1. side & height elevations
    2. electronic plans to scale in English
    3. structural calculations for the stand
    4. structural calculations for stairs and steps (where applicable)
    5. Step and stair details showing tread, riser and handrail dimensions along with a clear constructional diagrams
    6. evacuation plan showing all necessary smoke detectors, escape route signage and locations of fire extinguishers
    7. stand number & exhibitor name
    8. Details of any rigging requirements or hung elements
    9. Details of any high - risk exhibits

  2. On-site contact person and mobile phone number
  3. Detailed information about the materials being used. Including up to date fire resistance certificates.

All costs relative to obtaining proper certification are at the cost of the exhibitor.

It is recommended to submit plans, whenever possible, well in advance of the applicable deadline so that if any change is required it will not affect the installation schedule. No changes to the plans shall be permitted after approval by SNIEC and AbraxysGlobal.

Exhibitors and contractors must adhere to the following guidelines when submitting their plans:

  • Stands built on-site must adhere to the submitted and approved stand plans. Both SNIEC and AbraxysGlobal shall conduct inspections during the assembly period and will have the right to stop construction and take any necessary action against the exhibitor and contractor in the event that regulations or stand plans are not complied with. Exhibitors will be entirely liable for any onsite changes which have to be made to the stand or stand plan arising from non-compliance and will be responsible for covering all costs associated with this or any action taken by SNIEC or AbraxysGlobal to rectify the problem.
  • All stand design and constructions must comply with the guidelines, rules and regulations laid down in the manual as well as those issued by the relevant government authorities.
  • Detailed drawings must be submitted, including elevations, layout plans and 3D perspective view with dimensions and heights illustrating the design and list of materials, incomplete plans will not be accepted and may affect exhibitors and contractors’ rights to build on-site.
  • Stand plans must also clearly indicate the name and signature of the contractor, along with address, telephone number and email address. The stand name and stand number should also be indicated. Official pre-approval notices shall be sent back to the person submitting the plans.
  • Stand plans must be submitted in a recognized metric scale of no less than 1:50. Plans must be sent to AbraxysGlobal by email in JPEG or PDF format or submitted online.
  • Only upon approval by SNIEC and AbraxysGlobal can the exhibitor and its registered contractor commence work on-site.

For further information regarding this regulation please contact:

Tel: +44 208 747 2045 (United Kingdom)