My Venue Advertising

Have you purchased Printed and/or Digital Advertising?, please see below all info you may need including deadlines, specifications and artwork submission details.

Deadline Dates

 Purchased Early Bird Cost
 Purchased Standard Cost
 Printed Advertising
 Artwork due August 30, 2024
 Artwork must be approved by September 12, 2024 by the client
 Artwork due September 17, 2024
 Artwork must be approved by September 27, 2024 by the client
 Digital Advertising
 All three videos are due by September 16, 2024


Printed Advertising specifications of the piece(s) you purchased can be found here
When the site opens, go down just past the blue branding, on the right side you will see a search icon, click on it and enter the full name of the piece in your contract. Once you click on it, the piece will come up and will show all the information you need to know to create your artwork.

Digital Advertising specification can be found here. Be sure to read every page included the final back page that tells you all the video requirements.

Artwork Submission

Printed Advertising: Artwork files must be submitted through Freeman Box, please click here to submit your artwork.
Freeman will create a print proof and will share with you for approval or changes.

Digital Advertising: please contact Joe Jiao for details on how to submit your artwork.