A Carbon-Neutral Event

We are a carbon-neutral event committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment, both in our offices and at our events. We work closely with exhibitors and partners to minimize the impact of our show. For further information visit our MWC Environmental Programme

How can you minimize your impact on the environment during your participation at 4YFN?

Our aim is to provide exhibitors and contractors with ideas of how they can minimize their impact on the environment during their participation and plan for environmentally friendly solutions in the preparation of the event.

1. Make your participation at 4YFN even more sustainable by increasingly adopting sustainable practices.


2. RETURNS IN 2024! Donation Room

The Donation Room initiative offers exhibitors a platform to donate unused furniture and equipment, providing these items with a second chance. Our goal is to diminish the event's environmental footprint, minimize unnecessary waste generation, and contribute to a Circular Economy – key objectives within our Environmental Programme.
The process is straightforward, and we encourage your participation.

How does it work?

Your generous donations will contribute to the sustainable development of the city, making a positive impact on the community. The donated items will directly support social and cultural projects endorsed by both the Barcelona City Council and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat City Council.

We appreciate your participation in this initiative, as it aligns with our shared commitment to environmental responsibility and social welfare.

Forms and Deadline

Please register your interest in the Donation room form in the Forms section.
Deadline: Wednesday 28th February

3. Consider more environmentally friendly options for transportation in planning your participation. 

      • Use public transportation to reach the venue with the MWC Free public transport pass. Share your car or taxi with other members of your company. 
      • Consider using airlines with offset programs. 
      • Book a non-stop flight to get to Barcelona. 

Non-stop flights are exponentially better for the environment because as much as 50% of carbon emissions come from take-off and landing. It is worth the extra money to book a direct flight!

4. Remember to check out the Sustainable Project Manager Checklist to create a successful and sustainable booth experience.

Barcelona is proud to be a Biosphere World Class Destination - Since 2011 the city holds the Biosphere responsible tourism certificate in line with the international criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council

We love to hear your ideas!
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