VIP Car Access

VIP Car Pick-Up & Drop-Off Area

The VIP Car Drop-off Point is intended for VIPs, namely CEOs and C-level attendees. Our aim is to continue providing a positive experience for VIPs using this area. Please read the information below carefully in order to understand the policies and guidelines for use.

If you have any questions, please contact bnetwork in the following email:

Access Policy

In order to provide an exclusive service for our VIP attendees, exhibitors will be able to request their complimentary car stickers until Friday 23 February 2024. We reserve the right to limit the number of stickers each exhibitor is allocated due to the capacity of this area. Also exhibitors are allocated a number of car stickers according to their sqm show floor criteria.

VIP car stickers can be purchased by exhibitors that are out of the sqm criteria and for those with additional sticker requirements. There is a limited amount of stickers available for purchase (max of 1 unit) and they are available on a first come first serve basis.

Note that the price for each purchased sticker is 1,000 GBP. Once the purchase is completed there will be no cancellation or refund allowed.

We ask exhibitors to be mindful of this exclusive area and make use of the stickers only for VIP attendees who require a high level of service. And we appreciate your assistance in this matter as it will provide a better experience for your VIP attendees.

Acquire & Use your VIP Car Stickers

Please note VIP car stickers must be requested using the process outlined below.

1. Pre-Approval forms:

  • For complimentary car stickers:
    Fill in the VIP Car Sticker Pre-Approval (step 1) form in the Forms & Deadlines section. Please submit this form with the total number of stickers you wish to request

  • For purchase car stickers:
    Fill in the VIP Car Paid Sticker Pre-Approval form in the Forms & Deadlines section. Please submit one form for each sticker you wish to purchase
Please note:
  • If you have not reserved any private cars yet, but you require car stickers, please submit the pre-approval form and provide more details later on  
  • List any VIP car hire companies that you might be working with
  • Request the amount of VIP car stickers you require. Your request will be checked internally and we will respond to you

2. Once your request has been confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation, then:

  • For complimentary car stickers:
    Fill in the VIP Car Detail Confirmation (step 2) form in the Forms & Deadlines section

  • For purchase car stickers:
    Fill in the VIP Car Details and Payment form in the Forms & Deadlines section
Please note:
  • List all the VIP car details of the vehicles that you will be using during the Event
  • For security reasons, we will issue VIP car stickers, specific to the vehicle registration number plates listed in the VIP car details form

  • Your VIP car stickers must be collected on the weekend before the event (Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February 2024) in car park E, Fira Gran Via, between 10:00 – 14:00h
  • VIP Car stickers must be clearly displayed in each vehicle’s windscreen in order obtain access to the VIP Pick-up Point
  • VIP Car stickers may only be used for VIP Cars and limousines. Other types of vehicles attempting to enter the VIP Drop-Off Point will be denied access

Holding Area & Slot Pick-Ups

Cars accessing the VIP Drop-Off Point will be routed through underground Car Park E, from Passeig de la Zona Franca using Foc, near Hall 6. This route and holding area will keep cars flowing smoothly through the VIP Drop-Off Point while providing a convenient place for drivers to wait for their passengers.

Upon entering the underground Car Park E, drivers dropping off passengers will stay in the left lane; the right lane will take drivers to a holding area where they may wait for their clients.

Drivers will only be allowed to enter the VIP Pick-up Area once they have received a call from their party that they are ready for pick up. Drivers will be allowed no more than five minutes loading time in the VIP Pick-Up Area at CC3. Drivers must remain within the car at all times.