anchorVehicle Access Guidelines

anchorDigital Contractor Pass

The Digital Contractor Pass is an easy and free of charge way for all contractor and drivers to arrive at the venue pre-registered and fully validated, so that they can be fast-tracked through the process and easily enter the venue.

We appreciate that many haulage companies will not have advance visibility of which drivers will be arriving with their cargo, in this instance we suggest to pre-register a pool of drivers who are likely to arrive so that they can all be pre-validated. This way the driver who does arrive will be unhindered and will be able to access the venue on schedule. There is no limit to how many drivers can be pre-registered through the ‘service provider’ system.

Drivers can easily be registered in bulk or individually by the ‘exhibitor contractor’ through their service provider account. Alternatively, haulage companies can be set up with their own service provider account by RESA, so that they can bulk register their own drivers. There are instructions on how to use the system in the Build up & Dismantling Accreditation section.

For drivers who arrive unregistered or who have not validated their Digital Contractor Pass, there will be onsite assistance however the process will take longer and will involve some additional costs.

As a reminder, pre-registration is free of charge and the fastest way to process.

anchorGeneral Vehicle Access Rules

  • In the interest of security, vehicle searches will be in operation and may cause some delays when they are marshalled down from the waiting area to the venue.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to enter the venue during event open days
  • Truck drivers and all their additional passengers will have to present a safety helmet and high visibility vest at Sot del Migdia before being marshalled down to the venue. Trucks will not be permitted to leave Sot del Migdia without safety helmets or high visibility vests. Drivers and contractors bring their own equipment where possible
  • Vehicles are not permitted inside the venue grounds for build-up or dismantling unless expressly authorised
  • Vehicle movement is prohibited inside the exhibition grounds on Sunday 25 February including any forklift trucks, cranes or other lifting equipment
  • Vehicle waiting area: To ease congestion of vehicles and minimise queues during access hours, all vehicles intending to access the venue must first go to the marshalling yard 'Sot del Migdia'. Click here for location.
  • All drivers at Sot del Migdia will be given an access card with details and timings of access to the venue
  • Articulated truck unloading / reloading time should be booked with Resa Expo Logistic. Vans and small trucks are not required to book unloading / reloading time and can go directly to the vehicle waiting area.
  • Access of vehicles during dismantling will follow the same procedure as during build-up
  • From 18:00 on Thursday 29 February, goods must be removed by hand. Personal and valuable items must be removed immediately
  • All electric circuits shall remain open, vehicles will not be allowed inside the venue until Friday 1 March at 08:00
  • During build-up and dismantling, the Organiser reserves the right to permit or restrict the entry of exhibitor vehicles to carry out the loading and unloading of goods based on the items present in the vehicle to be unloaded or on the stand for removal
  • Permanent parking inside the venue is not allowed
  • Sot de Migdia cannot be used for parking
  • For safety reasons it is not allowed to use private or externally hired lifting or access machinery such as forklifts, cranes, scissor lifts, cherry pickers etc. All such machinery must be hired from Resa Expo Logistic 
  • For further information click here to view the Shipping & Onsite Handling section.
  • Any vehicles that require access during build-up or dismantling must purchase a vehicle access pass. There is also an option to purchase a pass for the entire build-up period or dismantling period. Such passes have to be purchased at Sot del Migdia. Cash or Credit Card payments are accepted. A day pass can be used multiple times during one specific day,  however vehicles must return to Sot del Migdia for each additional time slot. Vehicles will be given a time slot card allowing a loading/unloading time of 3h for trucks and 1.5h for vans. Please contact Fira Barcelonafor information

For any queries please contact:

Resa Expo Logistic

Contact: Jorge Reina
Tel: +34 932334543 / 2474
Fax: +34 932631894

anchorBarcelona Low Emission Zone

All non-Spanish vehicles entering the ‘Low Emission Zone’ (ZBE) of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) must apply for a permit. The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) includes the Fira Barcelona venues.

This system has been implemented to control the access of vehicles that do not meet the required low emissions standards.

Vehicles meeting the low emissions standards will receive a long-term permit valid to access the city anytime during the validity of the permit. This permit is free of charge, although there is a one-off administration fee. It can take up to 15 working days from application for the permit to be issued, short notice applications for entry will be subject to an additional charge.

Vehicles not meeting the low emissions standards will receive a permit that allows the vehicle 10 single day entries over twelve months. There is a charge for this permit dependent on the vehicle type, you can find more information and apply for passes on the AMB website.

Vehicles entering the Low Emission Zone (ZBE) without the required pass will be identified by cameras, the owner of the vehicle will be issued a penalty fine.

anchorSunday 25 February - No vehicle movement

No vehicle movement and no work at height is allowed on Sunday 25 February. This condition is in place to encourage a safe working environment on the day before the show opens, when there will be a considerable amount of exhibitor staff present in the halls.

On Sunday 25 February, the use of safety helments and high visibility vests is still recommended to anyone that needs access to the site, but is not compulsory for entry as is required during the rest of the build-up period.

The following activities must be finished by 21:00h on Saturday 24 February:
  • Deliveries of goods
  • Collection of empty freight & boxes
  • Collection of toolboxes
  • Movement of forklifts, cherry pickers, cranes, movable platforms
  • Placement of heavy exhibits
  • Rigging
  • Securing of safety chains
  • Adjustments in height of rigged elements
  • Working on stepladders or other elevation tools

None of these activities will be allowed on Sunday 25 February. All rented equipment will be removed from the halls on Saturday 24 February.

This condition should be worked in to the production schedule for all space only stands.

A surcharge shall be imposed on any vehicle or machinery movement carried out on Sunday 25 February to ensure that the environment surrounding the activity is kept safe. This important message must be passed on to all personnel and contracted agencies who will be present onsite.